Tips for First Time Ziplining

If you are like me (before today), then you may have never ziplined. I tried it for the first time today, along with my husband, and a close friend. It was quite an exhilarating experience that I would do again and recommend! Imagine gliding through treetops, the wind gently brushing your face, and the rush from trying something new! We also learned some fun tricks, like flipping upside-down while zipping along (pretty fun!). However, if you’ve never done this before there are a few things to consider before going: any serious medical conditions, which company to choose, weight plays a factor, how long it takes, how many segments are included, and of course price.



I will first address the obvious, price. I have only looked at a few options online, and they can range from $30 per person to well over a hundred dollars per person. Why the dramatic difference? A lot of it has to do with what company you choose. The one we chose offered 6 segments in about 45 minutes, which means we went from point A to point B six times. They varied in distance and height. We were also able to find a good deal on So instead of the usual $30/person, we paid $32 for 2 people. So looking around helps! There is one major zip company off of the main highway near Branson that attracts a lot of passing tourists. It also offers more than just ziplining, such as some kind of “free falling” activity. This more expensive company offered 8 segments, and took approximately 2-3 hours with added activities as well. All of these additional add-ons create the higher price.

Next to consider are physical attributes. My friend has a heart condition, so we had to make sure she would be safe. Fortunately, this was not an issue with this company, as they did most of the physical things for us. But not all companies offer this. Some require you to be able to stop yourself, so you need some upper body strength. Another thing to consider is the weight restrictions many companies have. The one we chose had a weight limit of 250 lbs. You will also be required to go up stairs and/or hills at certain periods, so keep that in mind.



All in all an exciting experience! It was definitely easier than I had anticipated and pretty affordable. If you are considering trying it, DO IT! You won’t regret it! Happy zipping and merry Christmas!

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