Have you ever heard of a round the world ticket? A Brief Guide

For the majority of travelers, even some seasoned ones, this is a type of travel that is unknown. It is mainly for those looking to take a long, extended trip to several places. For example, my friend who travels a lot and wants to take a long trip so that she may see many countries. I would highly recommend a round the world (or RTW) plane ticket for her. Basically it is a plane ticket, through several partner carriers, that goes in one direction, either East to West or West to East, and has the same origin and destination– going around the world. These types of tickets hold great value for travelers! It can allow travelers to go to multiple countries and even hard to reach areas for a much more reasonable price! As many travelers know international travel is outrageously expensive nowadays, at the cheapest it’s $1000 and up (on a average day, depending on the location). This type of ticket can allow the traveler to go different countries/stops and instead of paying the pricey cost of indiviual tickets, pay in the range of $4,000-10,000 total. Most also allow a year to use it. To me this sounds amazing! Picture it: taking a year to go globe hopping! Seeing every country you ever wanted to see, and only paying $4,000-10,000 for the airfare… Not too shabby.

Two Main Types

I’m sure there are other types, but these are the two that I came across. The first one is based on tiers. It comes up with the price based on the total mileage acrued. For example, if your trip goes a total distance of 30,000 miles or under, stopping in 6 countries, it might cost $4,000. This same fare might be true if you went to 8 countries while still only traveling under 30,000 miles. The second tier might be 40,000 miles or under for $4,500, and so on. This type might be good if you have many stops that are not greatly spread out from one another, causing more acrued miles. However, the same could be a negative attribute if the stops you would like are greatly spread out. There may also be a limit to how many stops are allowed.

The second type is based on segments. This means that the traveler gets charged the same for long segments of a trip as for shorter ones. So let’s say your trip were to start in Florida, from there you go the Bahamas, then to Ireland, then to Germany, then to Egypt, then to China, then to Austrailia, and finally back to Florida. There are 7 segments to this trip, which may cost $4,000. However, if you were to add a few more stops the cost would go up, where it may not have with the first type of RTW ticket. The benefit with this type of ticket would be if you have a few segments that were greatly spread out. There is usually a limit to how many segments are allowed.

Either way, both types have pros and cons. Both offer an opportunity that most traditional plane tickets cannot. It also takes a special kind of travel agent/booking to acquire such a ticket, as many have more complex itineraries. I hope that this has inspired the adventurer in all of you! If you have taken a RTW trip and used this kind of ticket please share your wisdom with us by leaving a comment. And even if you haven’t, but have something else to add, feel free!

Bon voyage!

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2 thoughts on “Have you ever heard of a round the world ticket? A Brief Guide

  1. The cheapest round-the-world tickets I’ve seen cost only 1500 Euro! At the current exchange rate that’s just 1700 USD – http://travels.kilroyworld.nl/vliegtickets/wereldtickets?mdd

    Check out more details about the costs of travel here:


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