Handy Tips to Help Prevent Jet Lag

If you have ever taken a long flight you may know that worn out feeling after landing while being unable to really sleep in spite of this. This may be accompanied by headaches, indigestion, and crabbiness. The next few days adjusting to a new time zone can be challenging.This is jet lag. Although temporary, it can be a miserable way to spend precious days of a vacation. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to battle these symptoms before they even begin? These tips can help save you time, energy, and frustration the next time you take a flight.

Adjust internal clock before departure. Practice eating, sleeping, and activities in the time zone you’re going to before you even leave. Your body will have an easier time doing these things once you’re actually there.

Opt for flights that will be arriving around your bedtime at the destination. This way you can sleep once you get there, because you will be tired. This gives you time to rest, at a normal hour in the new time zone, and awaken refreshed!

No coffee or alcohol. Coffee is great for keeping you awake… and also for interrupting your sleep cycle. Alcohol is dehydrating. Both agitate the symptoms of jet leg.

Stay well hydrated. This will help keep up your energy levels and alertness. It will also help you bounce back quicker!

Get outside. Sunlight will help your natural clock to adjust to its surroundings, as well as give you melatonin that you might be lacking from the long flight.

Don’t go to sleep too early. However tempting a nap might be once you arrive, it’s best to avoid dosing off. You’re better off staying up until bedtime and getting into a normal sleep cycle.

Try not to sleep on the way there. For the same reason as above. This can make it difficult to sleep once you arrive and can cause sleep interruptions later. You will be far better off getting a good’s night sleep once you’re there.

While everyone has their own remedies and cures, these have been found to be effective methods. If you have a tried-and-true method please share! I hope this helps to make every trip and vacation just that much better! Meilleurs vœux!

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