My Bucket List

Deep down everyone has a bucket list. This is a wishlist of things to do before we kick the bucket. It could be a list of activities to try, food to eat, places to see, or a combination of all of them. Some people have simple lists, however, mine feels like it’s ever growing! But I don’t mind, we all change as we get older and learn more. I have every intention of completing most, if not all, of the tasks on my list.


First I will tell you about which activities made it on my list and why.

#1 Zorbing. Picture a life size, inflatable, plastic, bouncy ball (similar to a hamster ball) for 1-3 adults. It is either filled with water, or people are harnessed into it. Now picture getting into such a ball, then rolling down a  gentle hill! This is zorbing. It sounds like a blast to me! Jake and I were supposed to do it in Ireland, but alas, it was not meant to be. So it is still on my list.

#2 Scuba diving. I have yet to go to a warm, tropical paradise. But I think that exploring some beautiful oceans, with all the brightly colored sea-life, would have to go right along with it! Now to be fair, I am not the most amazing swimmer to begin with, and this does scare me a bit. However I would have to muster up enough courage to try this! All of the majestic coral reefs, the fish of all shapes and colors, the turquoise water… A definite must!

#3 Parasailing. This is basically a giant kite, attached to a vehicle of some kind, and you’re in the kite! I am actually very afraid of heights. So I’m not so sure how this would go over in the beginning. I would hope that once I’m up there and everything is going smoothly, that I’d be fine. This really does seem like it would be a blast! Plus, Jake wants to jump out of a plane and parachute, which I will never do, so this is our compromise.

#4 Skiing. Again, not really one for the cold, but this seems wonderful! I can just imagine a fun day on the slopes, getting the hang of it, playing in the snow. Then retiring to a cozy lodge, relaxing in the hot tub, and snuggling up by the fire with warm cup of cocoa. This sounds like a great holiday getaway!

#5 Dogsledding. While we are on the topic of cold activities, why not try my hand at dogsledding? This seems like a very unique experience that not everyone gets to do. I do love animals, and this is a great way to bond with them and to see some lovely country.

#6 Ride a camel. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. That this is not exactly the kind of thing that goes on a bucket list, and that one could potentially ride a camel anywhere. But I mean a camel while in Egypt, out in the desert, with some locals kind of thing. It just sounds pretty neat to me, and if I where in Egypt, I’d totally hop on a camel (at least for a brief ride)!

#7 Learn to sail. I think this would be a great activity to try. Out on the open water, the wind in my hair, salt in the air… Cheesy, but it could be amazing! You never know, a pirates life could be for me (not really)! It would be interesting at least.

#8 Take a Dip in a Natural Hot Spring. Nature has some pretty cool features, this being one of them. It is unusual to find a hot pool of water in nature and think “maybe I should get in this, surely it won’t blow up while I’m in there”. But as humans we are brave and we do it anyways. I want to get in one as well, I’m always cold, so it’s perfect for me!

#9 Stay in an Arctic Snow Hotel. We definitely don’t have these at home! These are hand carved works of art made of ice and snow turned hotel resort. There are some in Iceland, Finland, and other arctic areas. Although cold, they are very luxurious.


Every place, every type of culture and people have there own flavor. Food is such a huge part of how we as humans live and express ourselves. Most countries are known for some kind of dish or specialty. Even in America there is such a diversity! Mexicans are known for chilies, their corn tortillas, and tequila. Irish for their Guinness, fish and chips, and potatoes. French for their wines, cheeses, and modern culinary skills. This is a list that could go on and on, but there are some major dishes that I do feel are worth mentioning. These are some that I would love to try!

#1 Alligator tail. This is one that my father-in-law and I have in common. It just seems so unusual and interesting. I guess that’s why I want to try it. I do like to be fairly adventurous in trying new foods. There are so many “southern” favorites that I want in addition to this too! But this tops my list.

#2 Cow tongue (prepared properly). This sounds rather odd to most people, but it is supposed to be a delicacy in Asia. I saw it on a travel show originally. A man went over there and I guess they age it, freeze it, then slice it very thinly. It is dipped into some kind of super hot broth to cook it/season it. He raved about how good it was, and I’ve also had others tell me how good barbecued cow tongue is. Why not right?

#3 Genuine Belgium Chocolate and Waffles. Known for their wonderful sweets, I really want to see what all of the fuss is about. I want to see if their chocolate is better than other chocolate and what is so special about the waffles

#4 Real Baked Alaska. Part ice cream, part cake, with some jam filling, covered with meringue then lit on fire! This is my kind of dessert. I really want to try this one.

#5 Hawaiian Luau. Consisting of different pork, chicken,  fish, taro, purple Hawaiian potato, and tropical fruit dishes, this is a feast for the senses. Usually accompanied with some kind of traditional Hawaiian show, it really is the complete package. And what could be better than being on a gorgeous island and having a fabulous meal to boot?

There are so many dishes to chose from! But I am open to (almost) any foreign foods from Mexico/South America, Europe (especially French and Italian), some of Asia (nothing too freaky), Australia, Africa, Canada, to name a few. I am really excited about Cajun/Creole food, as Jake and I are currently planning a trip to New Orleans for our first wedding anniversary!


This is probably my favorite part of my bucket list, because all of the other pieces fit in with the places I want to go. It would be difficult for a person to go to Hawaii for example, and not want to try some traditional Hawaiian food or to want to scuba dive the beautiful waters. But the other pieces wouldn’t be quite the same without the right place either. You can scuba dive in a pool, or have Hawaiian food at home or in a restaurant. This just doesn’t quite have the same feel. It all comes back to culture! Culture is what makes travelling, exploring, and trying new things an adventure and worth doing.

#1 Greece. I think this will be my next international travel conquest. The beaches, the atmosphere, the food are all why I want to go to Greece! Land of the Gods Zeus, Athena, and Hades. Home of the Parthenon, Acropolis, and many Greek temples. The olives, the wine, the food… Yes Greece is a must for me.

#2 Africa. Africa is a world on it’s own with all the different tribes and wildlife. It is also a very diverse country. Africa has mountains, deserts, oceans, and rivers. The development ranges from poor villages to rich city high-rises. It really has something for everyone. What really attracts me are the safaris, the plush tents, the various tribes/cultures, the beach life, and of course the food! I would just be sure to get all vaccines and take any medications beforehand.

#3 Alaska. Although part of the U.S., it too seems like it is in it’s own world. Know as the “last frontier”, wild, and rustic. Alaska is known for it’s natural glaciers, wildlife, isolation, and Eskimos. This wild land seems so fascinating and is a top choice for me.

#4 Pretty much all of Europe. I want to see many countries in Europe such as France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, I’m open to any really. There is just so much to see and do over there! Plus the cultures are varied and exciting.

#5 A little of Asia. This is kind of a so-so destination for me. While I like the culture, because it is as night and day as they come from my own culture, it is almost too different for my comfort. They eat practically anything in China. Like scorpions. This just doesn’t seem tasty to me. But I’d love to see some geisha acts, magnificent temples, and the great sights of Japan. But maybe a shorter trip for this one.

#6 Somewhere tropical. I’m not too picky on this one either. It could be Hawaii, the Caribbean, Tahiti, or some other warm island. I just love summer time and the ocean. This brings the best of those together in a relaxing way. I just imagine palm trees, waves, sand, a coconut delicious drink in my hand… I can see it now! I will make this one happen! Jake and I have even toyed with the idea of moving somewhere like this in the future, but we will have to see on that one.

Mostly I just want to travel anywhere and everywhere. I want to see new cultures. Immerse myself in this planet that God has put me on and enjoy it fully with his people.  I like to think that my own bucket list might help you with your own. Maybe you have added a few new items to yours as well. I just know I have my work cut out for me before I can even think of kicking the bucket! So I intend to get hard at it, I sincerely hope that you will do the same. 上帝保佑 (God Bless).

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2 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. This is excellent post having many interesting lists for viewing and travelling. I noticed this: #9 Stay in an Arctic Snow Hotel.

    In Finland we have many cool places for winter travel. Here I show only two places from my blog:

    World’s Biggest Snow Castle.

    Arctic Circle in winter.

    Snow Castle is in the town of Kemi and not so far of the Arctic Circle. To spend a night inside of the castle in its ice / snow hotel is a real experience! The Arctic Circle is very near to the town called Rovaniemi. The best time for a visit is last week of January, whole February and maybe the first week of March. Personally I love February.

    Happy and safe travels!


    • Thank you for the additional information Sartenada! It is always great to know the best times to go and where to look! I appreciate the helpful comment!


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