Neat Beauty Tricks I’ve Learned

Some women, like myself, learn about makeup at a young age. We have been taught, but mostly we have learned from trial and error. Beyond just applying it and which kind/brand is better, there are tricks I hadn’t really thought of so I’m sure that there are other women out there that haven’t either. I will attempt to share my knowledge with you.

Kool Aid Lip Stain

Kool Aid Lip Stain

Red Kool Aid Lip Stain

I have tried other lip stains in the past to try to get long lasting color, but none last like Kool Aid. When you think about it, it’s kind of obvious really. I remember when I was a kid drinking Kool Aid and I would have the ring around my mouth for half a day. All that is required is some red Kool Aid (or knock-off), and a moist Q-tip works best for the application. A word of warning: it stung my lips a bit while applying. The stinging wasn’t anything too bad, and only lasted briefly, but it was noticeable. The color does last quite a long time so worth it over all!

Liquid Eyeliner

To a lot of women this is a no brainer, but I have only just recently started using it. Let me tell you this stuff is amazing! I had always used pencil or mechanical eyeliner before. Liquid lasts so much longer and looks way better in my opinion! A waterproof one, even a cheap one, is nearly impossible to get off (without makeup remover). I can wear it all day and it will still look good, versus pencil always smears and is half gone by the end of the day. The cons to the liquid is that is can be messy and takes a little practice. But it is not that different from a pencil, and really worth the trouble! The kind I have been using is the waterproof Wet N Wild from Walmart that is around $4.

Hairspray Bobbie Pins 

This is a handy little tip I read about. You just apply a little hairspray before you want to use them, then viola! They hold onto hair so much better! No more lost or slipping pins. Great for hairstyles that require a lot of hold.

Dry Shampoo

This is a very multipurpose product! It soaks up extra oil from the hair and also creates volume! It is good to use so you don’t over wash you hair, causing dryness, excess damage, and duller hair. My hair is very thin and fine naturally so a little spritz of this to my roots and my hair instantly looks fuller. My hair also goes through changes with the seasons. In summer my hair seems to do better, opposed to winter it gets drier at the ends but oilier at the roots. This product helps to fight this. I have also used it in my friend’s wedding, when I styled her hair. I put it on before teasing it to help hold the tease in place. Her hair did not move all night. I just get the Suave brand from Walmart for $3-4 a bottle. It sprays on just like hairspray, so anyone can use it.

Nail Stickers

Nail Stickers

Nail Stickers 

These are fairly new for me. You can find tons of brands, styles, and quality all at various prices. I have tried Nail Bliss, Essie, and Sassy & Chic. Soon to try JamBerry (really excited!). The Nail Bliss I found at Sally’s for around $5, Essie and Sassy & Chic were a great find at Dollar Tree for a dollar, and the JamBerry is around $15. I cannot say what I think of the JamBerry brand yet, but my favorite has been the Essie, then the Nail Bliss, and I do not recommend the Sassy & Chic. The Essie lasts with heavy wear for about a week for me before it starts to show signs of abuse. I really love this because just painting my nails might only last a few days, if I’m lucky and being careful. So for a dollar and a week or more of wear, this is good enough for me! While the JamBerry costs considerable more, it is reputed to last around 2 weeks or more.

White Eyeliner

This is another one of those great multipurpose items! It can be used for making eyes look bigger, defining eyebrows, and for making eye-shadows show up more on your eyelids. When using it to make your eyes look bigger, just put it in your waterline for a brighter more awake look. Putting black eyeliner in the waterline actually makes eyes look smaller, so try a brown below the white. For defining, the eyeliner can be put around the eyebrow to help shape it or even on the middle of the lips to make them look plumper. This is a good tip to help make your eyebrows pop a little more. But probably the most impressive use is the way white eyeliner can make eye-shadows stand out. Just apply it to eyelids before applying eye-shadow, especially bright colors, to make the color more noticeable.

I hope you try these out and they help to make your life just that much easier! I know they have worked for me. If you have any other tricks that you do that you think others might enjoy, please tell us in the comments!

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  1. Great tips!


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