What Kind of Traveler Are You?

Is there a way to tell what kind of vacation a person would like? How would you know a person would like a trip to Las Vegas over a trip to Monte Carlo, Monaco, when both are known for their gambling and nightlife? According to Stanley Plog, a travel researcher, there are 5 main categories that travelers can be placed into: venturers, near-venturers, centrics, near-dependables, and dependables.

Stanley Plog's Psychographic Analysis

Stanley Plog’s Psychographic Analysis


Venturers are known to be outgoing, confident, curious, and eager to be among the first to discover a new vacation spot (1). These guys prefer the most exotic places: Africa, remote islands, Asia. They also like to do some adventure activities like parasailing, riding a mule or motorcycle to these remote locations, or bungee jumping.


Near-Venturers fall in between Venturers and Centrics, they still want a certain level of adventure in their travels. They might like the developed parts of Asia, the interior parts of Mexico, or Eastern Europe (2). They also might like soft adventure like horseback riding. Most international travelers are likely to be venturers or near-venturers.


Centrics are the most common type of travelers, fall in the middle of Venturer and Dependable. They usually wait for the Venturer to go first before going to a new destination, but don’t necessarily want the tried-and-true trips of the Dependable either (3). Trips they might enjoy would be the Caribbean, Mexican resorts, or the U.K. Most people fall into this category.


These guys are slightly more adventurous than the Dependable. They might go a little bit further from home, but they still want the comforts of it. Trips for them might include Hawaii, Canada, the Bahamas, or Bermuda.


“Dependable” describes them perfectly. They want comforts of home, safe, and tried-and-true. They will not likely take an international trip, as they like to stay close to home and value familiarity. Resorts or other commercialized destinations such as Branson, theme parks, Las Vegas, or Florida are good options for a Dependable.

It can be hard to decide which category you fall into when there is so much to see and do! I suppose if I had to choose, I would fall into the Venturer or Near-Venturer category. This is because I love international travel! And it is on my bucket list to explore Africa. I am curious which categories you would fall into, my fellow travelers. So please leave a comment and tell me which category suits you and why you think so.

References: Gagnon, Patricia J., & Sarbey de Souto, Marty. (2012). Travel Career Development. (9th Edition). Printed in Canada: Board of Trustees of the Travel Institute.

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One thought on “What Kind of Traveler Are You?

  1. Matt, based off of the psychographic scale, would you say you are a dependable, centric, or venturer?


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