How to Survive a 20+ Hour Road Trip

Road Trip!

As many of my readers know, my husband Jake and I will be taking a very long road trip this week from Missouri to Florida. According to Google, this may take 20+ hours varying on how often we have to stop etc. To anyone who has ever been on a long trip of this nature, you know it can become dull very quickly. So how are we planning to fight the fatigue and the boredom? Preparation! Having some different options in mind beforehand and can be very beneficial. We specially chose our snacks and games for the trip for a variety of reasons. Mostly for energy and stamina, to help us get there as soon as possible!


We are packing several different snacks and drinks:

-Several Starbucks iced frappuccinos

-Half sized soda cans (we chose Mtn. Dew and Dr. Thunder)

-Small bottles of juice

-Bottled water

-Beef jerky

-Freeze dried fruit

-Cheese and crackers

-Granola bars

-Fresh fruit

We chose these drinks because of the caffeine first of all, but also some other options for variety and to stay hydrated. Another thing we kept in mind was smaller sizes on most of the drinks so that we (hopefully) won’t have to make as many bathroom breaks and there won’t be as much waste from not drinking all of it. We opted for healthier snacks so we don’t get bloated, which would make us more tired, and we don’t want to fill up on junk. We have a small foam cooler that will be in my trunk for easy access, and this way we aren’t stopping and spending extra money on drinks and snacks on the road.

road trip boredom busters


On a trip of this magnitude you need to have things to keep you busy! We tried to choose a variety so we don’t get bored too quickly. Plus switching on and off  with who has to drive. So we looked up a few different games that we thought might actually play (no license plate games). Plus we didn’t want anything you had to buy, that had pieces, and had potential to keep us occupied for long stretches of time. These were our “boredom busters”:

-Scavenger hunt. We created a list of objects and people to keep an eye out for on the road, and the winner gets a predetermined prize of their choice. Jake chose a laptop bag for his prize, I chose a desk. Some examples of what’s on our scavenger hunt: hot air balloon, Dog the Bounty Hunter look alike, World’s Largest (something). Whoever gets the most by Florida wins!

-‘Would you rather’ game. We have practiced with this one, and it gets pretty good! An example: ‘Would you rather have a glass eye, or dentures?’

-Bets. We have predetermined some bets and prizes. Like first to yawn, first to complain, first to swear. These have smaller prizes than the scavenger hunt.

-‘Two Truths and a Lie’ game. The name kind of explains this one.

-Music. Via radio or cd’s.

-Movies. The driver can’t watch them, but they can listen. We are bringing our laptop and some dvd’s.

-Audiobooks. I can’t read in the car due to motion sickness, so this is a good option.

-Stops to stretch occasionally and a few nap breaks! Hopefully this will help to keep us refreshed.

These are what we have planned to help with this extended road trip, along with the company of my sweetheart! We are both really looking forward to this time together for our first wedding anniversary. It is hard to fit in good quality time together with our hectic lives, so we really want to take this time to connect… That is assuming we don’t drive ourselves or each other mad before we reach Florida! PLEASE if you have some good pointers for this road trip, leave me a comment!! We need all the help we can get on this one! And if you have some fun road trip stories to share, feel free as well! If you are flying instead of driving for your next trip, check out my tips for jet lag here. Wish us luck my fellow travelers, and I’ll let you know how it went we get back. Bon voyage!

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