Goodbye Florida, Welolcome Home Missouri!

So the last place I left my readers was back in Florida. It has been a long post coming, but we had made the decision to make the long journey home to Springfield, MO. So back in April we packed up and headed North! And it really does feel so good to be back in the country! Of course our families and friends have been ecstatic to have us back too. Since April, Jake has gotten a great gig at Chase and I have returned to Expedia and we are both loving it! 

I know it’s not exactly the hardcore travel agent career I had envisioned, but it has so much potential. Not to mention I am still in the travel industry like I wanted, with room to grow, and it’s one of the largest online travel agency on the planet. The perks are pretty sweet too! 

Happy hour on the job!

Outside of our work life, we have been living with a close friend until we decided to get our own apartment at the beautiful apartment buildings where we were married. On the horizon for us is of course travel plans: hoping for a cruise, then maybe a bigger trip to Greece within the next year if I have it my way! Another set of goals are paying down student loans and a ways past that  in the future we would love to build a tiny (not so tiny) house. In the short term I am just trying to destress my crazy life, eat as healthy as I can stand to, and get back to my favorite hobbies (one of which is writing to you!).

If you have any suggestions for my next post to get me back in the groove, or something you’d like to hear about hit me up on my Facebook page! Well peeps, until next time, bon voyage and ασφαλή ταξίδια!

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