Going AIP Paleo

This is something near and dear to me. I try not to broadcast the negative parts of my life because I feel that it brings those around me down. I always try to build others up and be a source of light and positivity in a dark world. I’m not always successful. 

Recently I began having issues with my left eye. Long story short, I have optic neuritis which is an inflammed optic nerve. My doctor believes this and several other issues I have to be related and an autoimmune reaction. Even though my MRI came back clean and I do not have M.S. I still have a 25% chance of developing it within 10 years. 

This being said, Jake and I have both agreed it’s high time we get our diets in order! After some recommendations and quite a bit of research on my part, we have settled on the Auto Immune Protocol Paleo diet. If anything can help, it would be this! We want to decrease that chance as much as possible.

Grass fed beef gyro-style lettuce wraps!– So good!

We have been transitioning for around a month now. We are feeling much better, and can see some great benefits already however it has not been easy. But we are finally getting the swing of it, I think… What this means: no gluten, no dairy, no caffeine, no legumes, no refined sugars, no nightshades, and no NSAID pain relievers. You are probably thinking “Holy crow, what’s left Jody?”. You would surprised: most veggies like green leafy ones (kale especially), broccoli and cauliflower, squash, mushrooms to name a few preferably organic or non-GMO; all meats as long as they are grass fed or at least no hormones/antibiotics and wild caught fish; bright fruits like berries and black grapes to name a couple; it is also recommended to have herbal teas, coconut water, natural sweeteners, and naturally fermented foods.

Homemade pizza. Made with Udi thin crust and Daiya ‘cheese’. We have since switched to a basil pesto sauce since I am avoiding tomatoes/nightshades, that is honestly amazing.

Doing several individual freezer meals in advance (like 2 weeks worth for 2 people) has been a life saver! When we go to work, just grab a meal! Don’t feel like cooking, just grab a meal! This and having approved snacks around prevents us from getting lazy and going off course. Eating out is super limited. It’s basically Chipotle and even they are a bit iffy, so no more than once a week. I have yet to advance to organ meats or fermented foods, which are highly recommended… I just don’t care for them! But I am determined to find a way to learn to like them or at least sneak them in there like I do kale! Any tips on this would be MUCH appreciated!

Salmon filet with lemon-herb tartar, sweet potatoes and onions, sweet poppyseed kale salad 

Recipes, well edible ones that use realistic ingredients and cook times, are hard to come by. A great website is Grazed and Enthused. I mostly just alter others to suit my needs and this has proved effective. I have also found really good food substitutes like coconut milk or Daiya ‘cheese’ (they also have great ‘cheese’cake!) that make my life easier. 

Jake is taking the changes like a champ, and claims he loves my cooking. This helps so much to have his support and having him to do this with me! Not everyone is so fortunate.

If you are interested in more specifics, have questions, or want to offer tips please leave a comment either here or on my Facebook page. They are always welcome. In the meantime, be kind to your body and bon appetit!

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